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Welcome to Suria-Medik Sdn Bhd

SURIA-MEDIK SDN. BHD. was established on 9th August 1999 by Tuan Haji Budiman Harun Al-Rashid Bin MY Esa. We are 100% BUMIPUTERA status company (Reg. No: K.KEW/K&B/D/02/494/357-050060) and registered with Ministry of Finance (Reg. No: K.KEW/K&B/D/02/494/357-050060 BP-026700).

We are engaged in importing and distributing medical items to our clients all over Malaysia. We worked with government, private hospitals, clinics and medical distributors and we also hold a license from the ministry of Finance.

Suria-Medik Sdn Bhd was located in Klang,50 kms west of Kuala Lumpur and very close to main sea port know as Port Klang and West Port. Currently we provide our services to entire healthcare market in Malaysia.

After 16 years in medical industries we are now become one of the major medical suppliers in the country and carry a wide range of quality products by reputed companies worldwide.

SURIA symbolized to the sunshine. For us it means enthusiastic of our company to give good products and services to our customer, it is also carry the trust of our customer towards our medical equipments and hopes to the patients. MEDIK is for industries that we are concerned.

Suria- Medik has come out with its own product brand 'PRESTIGE', for the last 8 years thus this is in line with our government 'Buy Malaysian Campaign'. Malaysia-made products not only priced reasonably but also to increase awareness of products that we offered that is on par with international standards and yet retailed at reasonable prices. We started with small disposables and consumables product and now we are moving for bigger product.

The brand 'PRESTIGE' has been registered with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) and Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Another local brand by Suria-Medik, 'BudiMan' brand is working on now is for emergency medical bag and simple medical equipment.

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We exist for our Customers. We are perceptive to our market opportunities and changes and that make us equipped to serve our customers at the finest stage. We are ready to give out our competitive advantage, growth, and enthusiasm to guarantee the best for all that we do.

The SMSB corporate vision toward 2020 is constantly strives to achieve a business deals and to be one of the leading companies in the medical supplier in Malaysia. To realize this vision, SMSB has set its Corporate Mission & Vision as to contribute pro-actively to their valuable clients with high degree of commitment to become the sole medical supplier that provide guarantee quality services relevant always to serve customer needs and their expectations.

Vision & Mission

Suria-Medik Sdn. Bhd. constantly strives to achieve all health and business deals. We shall devote our resources towards optimized human resource management and business management. Core to our training values shall be Continues Medical Education for our personnel and medical practitioners. We shall offer optimized healthcare solutions to ensure enhanced quality of life to patients and added value to medical practitioners. We shall strive to maximize value addition to patients, medical practitioners and our shareholders. To ensure that we advocate inter-faith harmony in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.